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Grow Sales with Selling on Facebook with Shopify

Let Facebook shoppers discover and shop your Shopify products directly from your Facebook page! Selling on Facebook with Shopify has never been more fun!


Already have a Shopify store? Good for you! All you need to do right now is install the Facebook app and start selling on Facebook with Shopify.

Here are 3 reasons selling on Facebook is a great idea:

  1. Present your brand, store, and products: This is an opportunity for you to get your products in front of millions of shoppers on Facebook.
  2. Provide a smooth shopping experience: You can take the shopping experience up to the next level. By providing a consistent and smooth in-app shopping experience, your customers will enjoy from start to finish, from product discovery to checkout.
  3. Sell from one inventory: You can use one product inventory that automatically syncs all the places you sell it, such as social media, online store, online marketplaces, and more.

In other words, you’ll be where your customers and shoppers already are. You can easily connect with shoppers from all over the world, establish new business connections, find, and explore new products you can sell.

This is also a chance for you to inspire new purchasers and loyal customers. You can grow product and brand awareness with Facebook ads, unique content, and catchy images. You can create Facebook ads to promote your products and your Shopify store. The Facebook platform has one of the best targeting tools. You can be as broad or as specific as you want to be to target the right audience. You can even create retargeting ads to target customers who have already visited your Shopify store without buying.

Allow your customers to browse and purchase directly from Facebook. You will be even more discoverable if you post daily on Facebook. Try to personalize your posts based on users’ interests and style.

What kind of products to sell on Facebook?

If you already have a Shopify store, you can’t really change your product offering, however, if you are looking for inspiration and you are wondering what are the most popular products to sell on Facebook, impulse buy products are definitely the best products to sell. Home decor, clothing, and sale items are 3 of the most popular impulse buy products.

Set up your Facebook page and start selling on Facebook with Shopify to grow your sales and boost your revenue!

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