Are there any tips and tricks for driving sales for your Facebook shop by Shopify? How to attract the attention of Facebook visitors and convince them to purchase your products?
So, you’ve chosen Shopify ecommerce shopping cart to build your online store, you’ve integrated the store with Facebook, and now you are ready to boost your sales.
If you are wondering how to drive sales for your Facebook shop by Shopify and how to attract more visitors to your store, here are a few great tips and tricks to follow:


The first thing you should do when your Facebook shop by Shopify is up and running is explore the capabilities and features of the provider. Ecommerce solution Shopify has Messenger support which you can use to connect with your buyers via chat. You can also add a Facebook pixel onto your online store and retarget users who have visited your Facebook store but didn’t purchase anything. Find out what Shopify has to offer and use all features and capabilities to your advantage.


If you want to set up a Facebook store by Shopify, you need to forget about the “if you build it they will certainly come” principle. If you want to drive traffic and boost your Facebook store sales, you need to focus on promoting your store. The best way to promote your store is by using the Facebook power. You can research Facebook promotional activities, solutions, and strategies, and come up with the best one for your products. You can also invest in a great copy and see if your works can speak to the target group. Don’t forget about the product images. As a business owner, you want your graphics to make people stop scrolling as they come at your feed.


Facebook is an image-focused platform and those businesses that are using low-quality photos cannot expect sales. If it makes sense for the products you sell, try and present more lifestyle images instead of your basic product photos.


If you are selling items that come in various sizes, you can consider adding extra information when presenting your products. Try and give your customers a better idea of which size is best for them. This will lead to better purchase decisions, as well as, happier customers.
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If you want to make shoppers feel special, offer exclusive deals for them. When promoting your store, you can consider throwing in promotions specially created for your Facebook users. For example, before Christmas and New Years Holidays, you can come up with a great promotion to attract customers’ attention and motivate them to purchase your products. Doing so could boost customer engagement and sales.
The ecommerce industry is more competitive than ever! You cannot just create your Facebook store, post photos, create random campaigns and expect your sales to grow. You need to do a lot more than that. Getting ahead and accomplishing ecommerce success requires you to keep up with your customers and be present on the social platforms they are using.
Facebook is just one of those platforms. If you aren’t using Facebook to showcase, promote, and sell your products, it is about a time to do so.
Running a Facebook shop by Shopify is exactly what your business needs right now! This is your chance to connect with your customers, understand their expectations, and try to offer them the products they want.
Keep in mind the tips and tricks we mentioned above and you’ll run a successful and prosperous Facebook shop by Shopify in no time!

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